Before you do anything, contact the National Abortion Federation (NAF) at 800-772-9100 to ask for help with funding. Their line is often busy, but don’t be discouraged – keep calling and you will eventually get through.woman and phone

Once you’ve talked to someone at NAF, check our Providers page to determine which clinic is most convenient for you. Use the contact information on our Providers page to make an appointment at the clinic. When you talk to a clinic counselor, you may
be asked a number of questions to help identify what your need is. This will include where you live, how far along the pregnancy is (know when your last menstrual period was), and if you were eligible for NAF funding.

The clinic counselor will discuss with you how much money you can contribute towards your abortion and if necessary, how to raise more. EMA’s funding dollars are very difficult for us to raise and we need patients to pay for as much of the cost of the procedure that they can so we can help as many women as possible. EMA does not give money directly to patients but rather, we have billing agreements with several clinics and the clinics will collect payment directly from EMA.

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