EMA fund recipients share their stories

woman-pregnancy-testEMA financially assisted a 14-year-old young girl in 9th grade living with her family of 8; a 22-year-old unemployed mother of 4 children under 7, barely subsisting on welfare and food stamps and pregnant because she was unable to make or pay for her Depo appointment; and a woman later in pregnancy facing higher procedure costs because doctors were unable to perform the abortion earlier as the patient is diabetic and needed to get her sugar under control. These patients and EMA are so grateful for your donations.

Teen girlEMA financially assisted a 15-year-old uninsured 9th grade student who was a victim of a brutal rape; a 26-year-old single CNA with a 6-year-old child who had no money to purchase her contraceptive on time; and a mid-thirties unemployed Optician with two teenagers, aged 11 and 15, receiving unemployment benefit, food stamps, and a small pittance for child support from her ex-boyfriend. These patients and EMA are so grateful for your continued donations.

young black womanRecently, EMA financially assisted a 17-year-old full-time student living at home in a family of five after a condom tore during intercourse; a 25-year-old single, unemployed woman with 4 children with no child support from her ex-partner; and a 27-year-old single woman, working as a Medical Assistant at a pediatric center, with 3 children aged 7, 4, and 2 barely surviving on her salary and food stamps, with no financial help from the father of her children. These patients and EMA are so, so grateful for your donations which enabled them to terminate their unplanned, unwanted and financially and emotionally devastating pregnancies.


womanIn the past few weeks, EMA financially assisted a 34-year-old unemployed mother of 4 whose partner is in jail and unable to provide for his family; a single young unemployed woman with 4-year-old twins; a 41-year old widow 22 weeks pregnant; a 17-year-old single mother of an 8-month old baby who has an 8th grade education, is unemployed and barely subsisting on welfare cash and food stamps; and a 24-year-old single, unemployed, disabled woman receiving social security disability benefits and living in a homeless shelter on welfare and food stamps. These patients and EMA are so, so grateful for your donations which enabled them to terminate their unplanned, unwanted and financially and emotionally daunting pregnancies.

client story 1

  • “I’m not sure there’s enough room on this page to express my gratitude for this center, its staff (Presidential Women’s Center) and this Fund (EMA). This has been the most stressful week of my life. The emotional struggle was difficult enough, but when I was faced with the financial aspect, it was more than I could bear. You already feel like you have to keep it a secret from friends and family, so who do you turn to for emotional support? And then you’re supposed to ask them to help with a procedure that they don’t approve of? Some people are lucky, I guess, and have that support, but I am definitely NOT one of them. When I called (name deleted), I was preparing myself for the most difficult decision. I knew I didn’t have the money to have the procedure, but I didn’t have the money or resources to properly raise another baby either. When she told me there was help, I burst into tears. I could not believe that there were really people out there who understood and were willing to help. I was so emotional because I don’t think people realize that no matter how small the gesture, it could mean the world to the person receiving it. And that is exactly what it means to me. This Fund has made it possible for me to continue to try and provide the best life I can to my 7-month-old and not have to deal with the burden of raising another baby when you aren’t ready. From the bottom of my heart and soul, THANK YOU, EMA!!”

  • “The reason I needed assistance in funding this abortion is I’m a single mother of two kids and currently in a difficult situation financially. I was laid off of my job after 10 years of being with the company and still haven’t found a job. So I’m barely making ends meet.”
  • “I’m a single mom of 3 babies, unstable living arrangements, can’t afford to take care of my 3 yr old, 2 yr old, & 8 month daughter. I’ve been homeless w/my girls, and we are bouncing from house to house! EMA, help me w/ this abortion because I could not afford to get it done! If it wasn’t for EMA I would be out on the streets w/four kids! I can’t afford to buy diapers for my 2 yr old and 8 months Babies because life is hard for me.”
  •  “I am a 17-year-old mom of an 8-month-old baby. I dropped out of school and am currently going back but the baby I’m pregnant with will be hindering what I’m trying to accomplish in this trying time of my life. My mom already has a 1-year-old also and it is hard at home for us, being on welfare and depending on the State. I think, well, I’m grateful for your donations because it will help me get into school full-time, have more time for my baby, and let me see my future more better. Thank you, EMA, you are greatly appreciated.”
  •  “I would first like to say “THANK YOU.” Words cannot explain how GRATEFUL I am at the moment.” I am a mother of four adorable kids (2 boys and 2 girls). Just the thought of brining another child into this world would not be a good idea. Even though children are “BLESSINGS.” I;m doing my best with the four I have now, and another child would destroy me ….. MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY.  I am not proud of what I am doing, but at the same time it would be the BEST decision for my family at the time. “AGAIN, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU and I AM VERY GRATEFUL.”
  • “My story is that I was young and foolish and made mistakes. I messed around and got pregnant my Boyfriend and now I’m glad that I have gotten a second chance to redeem my life and future to start on the right path.”
  • “I’m 17 years old and am in no means financially stable enough to raise a child. My partner comes and goes as he pleases so that environment wouldn’t have been stable for a child either. Both my parents have no jobs and I just lost mine a few weeks ago. I have just started my senior year and if I would have this child, would not be able to finish school. I’m choosing this as a second chance for myself since we all make mistakes. I want to finish school, stabilize my life and career and raise a child under the right circumstances with the right person. This is my fresh start.”
  • “Thank you for helping me. I am a single mom of one five year old. I work at a hospital in ICU as a nursing aide. Thanks to you I am able to continue my college and able to support my daughter and continue helping others that are sick.”woman head down
  • “I am a mother of two children, an 11 year and a 3 year. I am the only source of income in my home and cannot afford to have my 3 year old in a preschool. My boyfriend (the father of the 3 year old) has been unemployed for two years and has had to be a stay home dad just so that he could take care of our daughter. Financially it has been very hard for us to pay our bills, rent and @ times food is scarce. We receive food stamps and still it is hard  to get by. We feel that it is unfair to bring another child to lack of what it will need. We are trying to make ends meet supporting our 2 children. We feel that we’ve made a mistake and need to fix it. I am really sorry for the decision I feel forced to make but there is no other choice.”
  • “Already being a single mom getting unexpectedly pregnant was difficult. I have no help from my daughters father as it is, and already dealing with domestic violence with him, I was in a terrible situation. Thanks to your help I am able to move on and create a better life for my daughter. Not only that I was able to afford a safe procedure that insured I would not hurt myself.”
  • “Just like to say thank you I’m 28 yr old with a 9yr, 5yr, 2yr, 7 months. I’m homeless live with my mom and her 2 kids That why I did this Thank you”
  • “Hi, my name is (deleted for privacy reasons). Me and my girlfriend were only together for 2 weeks when she found out she was pregnant. We felt it was our responsibility to give this baby a chance. (She) and I were not allowed to stay at my mother’s home when she found out that (name deleted) was pregnant. We immediately moved out and use my college savings for our apartment. For a year and 6 months, I’ve been taking care of (name deleted) and our newborn baby. (Name deleted) has just started working and she will be attending school in August. I work weekends as a Disc Jockey and stay home on weekdays to take care of  (name deleted) so she can have a chance to go to school. We have limited needs and we do everything on  our own. We do get help but don’t accept very often because we feel we should do everything before we accept. (Name deleted) is pregnant once again. We were trying to be careful by using Birthcontrol that the doctor gave us. It was too much money to keep buying. Having another baby right now will be just to much. We try to give as much as we can and having another baby wouldn’t be fair to him/her.”
  • “I am 18 years old and I have one baby boy that 10 months. I want to have an abortion because I am already suffering with the baby I have now. I have no money and I don’t want this baby suffering. So I decided to have an abortion. My life right now is bad. My baby’s dad is in jail for beating me. I work in McDonalds- I get 7.37 an hour and that money goes to my baby. So I need this money and I thank you guys so much for helping me- I go to school so I can get an education and get a better job and help my baby in life. So thank you guys for helping me pay for this abortion because if I have this baby my life wouldn’t be good and I would be living in the streets.”
  • “I am twenty years old and have nothing to my name. I’ve been unemployed for over a year and cannot find work, even at fast food restaurants. It breaks my heart that I need to have an abortion but I couldn’t support this child. I’ve struggled with alcohol abuse, and am in no way fit to be a mother now. Thank you for your support.”maria
  • “I’m a young mother that just had a baby boy 6 months ago. I don’t have a lot because I’m doing everything on my own. I go to school part time and getting ready to go to the Navy in a year, and with the help you gave me I can live my life for me and my son knowing someone changed my life for the better. Thank you, for all you have done for me.”
  • “Emergency Medical Assistance has helped me a lot by giving me this money because I am going to school and have a part time job to take good care of me and my 3 year old son. I am trying to finish medical school so I can become a nurse and support all of me and my childs needs and give back to those who gave to me and helped me out when I didn’t have enough money.”
  • “I’m 23 years old and I got pregnant for the second time. I had a hard time deciding if I was going to continue my pregnancy or not, due to the fact that I was in a verbally abusive relationship. I decided to continue my pregnancy at one point thinking things would change and get better, but it just got worse. By time I made my mind up to have an abortion. I was further along in the pregnancy than I wanted to be, but it something I had to do. With already having one child and not a steady salary, coming up with the money for the abortion was difficult. For the fact having to take care of personal need for my child and the father wouldn’t help with abortion funds. So I thank you guys for doing what you to make this possible for me.”
  • “To whom it may concern, My name is (deleted for privacy purposes). I want to say thanks to every one for they help and support I didn’t know where to get the money from and my doctor told me its the best thing to do to terminate the pregnancy because of medical problems with the baby and that am bleeding internally its more safer to do the abortion than going on with the pregnancy. Thanks to everyone again for the support and understanding.”
  • “I am a 22 year old recovering drug addict. I have been sober for 5 months and live in a halfway house. I am just starting a new life and learning how to care for myself – this decision to have an abortion was a very difficult one to make but I had to focus on what quality of life my baby would have and I’m not really sure. Also, being a Type I diabetic is an extremely high risk pregnancy. Thank you for giving me the means to make my own decision and continue growing and working on myself so that when I am ready, I will be capable.”
  • “My name is (name deleted for privacy reasons) and I’m here today because I having abortion and the reason I’m here today abortion is personalis because I got pregnant by accidentally using a condom with my partner and I didn’t know I was pregnant and we broke up like 2 weeks before I found out. He was going to help me but then changed his mind. I’m not having this abortion by force it was my discussing that I felt was the right discussing for me my life and my future. So I really apprta everything that everyone is doing to help me and my family.”
  • “I am a student at PBSC & a full time mother & working full time to provide a better future for my child. Right now having another child would be very hard because I wouldn’t be able to afford to work or go to school to better for my daughter’s future or mine. I don’t want to be stuck with dead end jobs. I really want to have a bright future & bet a statics of a single mother. Thank you for helping me. Helping my future & my daughter’s future. I greatly appreciate more than anything. Thank you.”
  • “Back in May 2011 I was laid off I had absolutely no one to turn to. I have 2 children already and somehow got pregnant again. This is my first abortion and if your company wouldn’t help me today I would have not have been here, so, thanks. I’m struggling having a very very hard time taking care of them 2 children that I already have because I am a SINGLE MOTHER. Their dad left us back in August 2011. It’s been extremely hard for me.”
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