NOW’s “UNSUNG HERO” Award goes to Emergency Medical Assistance

NOWEMA honored with Palm Beach County National Organization of Women’s 2012 “Blood, Sweat and Tears Award”

At the Palm Beach County NOW  39th Annual Susan B Anthony Feminist of the Year Award Luncheon in Boca Raton, Florida, on March 18th, 2012, Meredith Ockman, President, Palm Beach County NOW and Vice President, Florida NOW presented EMA with their prestigious  award given to the “unsung hero”  in the community each year.  “We appreciate all that you do and would like to publicly acknowledge our admiration and gratitude…on behalf of NOW and on behalf of the women that you help each day,” Ockman said. “You each deserve the world. Congratulations from the PBC NOW Board and me.”
Mona Reis, CEO of Presidential Women’s Center in West Palm Beach, recognized the legacy of EMA’s founder Harriette Glasner –  “part Eleanor Roosevelt, part suffragette, and more than an equal of a freedom fighter”  – and introduced the EMA Board as “tireless, dedicated and committed “unsung heroes.”
“Their mission is one of equality and justice,” Reis said, “to ensure that women in our community can access abortion services without financial obstacles.”

“They never meet the women who are so humbled by their generosity and unique understanding of their heartfelt struggles during a difficult time,” Reis said, “but they do hear their stories that pull at their heartstrings- they fundraise on their behalf, they understand that without the ability to have access to abortion services, you can’t continue your education, be there for your other children, walk away from an abusive relationship, deal with a medical challenge or anomaly in the pregnancy—EMA “gets it” and the women of our community benefit each and every day from their “blood, sweat and tears”— we are all the better for it. EMA, you change lives—you give women hope.”

At Presidential Women’s Center, Reis said, the patients who receive EMA funding are more than grateful for the financial help from EMA. “These patients feel that EMA has saved their lives. Like this patient, I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to the women and men of EMA for the incredible, life-affirming work that you do.”


From left, Catherine Ford, Secretary; Sonja Swanson-Holbrook, Director; Rosemary Diehl,
Director; Susan Seufert, Director; Marcia Halpern, Treasurer; Maura Armstrong, Vice President;
and Francine Sachs, President.


Mona Reis, Presidential Women’s Center, West Palm Beach, speaks of EMA’s Unsung Heroes.


Meredith Ockman, left, and Francine Sachs, President of Emergency Medical Assistance, EMA.


Dr. Joffe Event

EMA presents an Afternoon Discussion on Reproductive Rights

with Carole Joffe Ph. D., March 17, 2012


joffeflyerCarole Joffe, Author, Activist, Sociologist and UCSF Professor, was EMA’s keynote speaker at its Annual Spring Fundraising Event at Florida Atlantic University on March 17, 2012. Joffe, a vocal leader in the reproductive rights movement in the United States, is currently a Professor in the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco.  She wrote the compelling 2010 book Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: The Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients, and the Rest of Us.

Joffe spoke at length about abortion as the “central drama of contemporary American society” and the “War on Women’s Health Care” being waged in the Republican-controlled State legislatures across the country since the November 2012 elections. The net impact of the explosion of these “nutty, crazy, out-of-control rules governing personal acts in bedrooms and doctors’ offices” she said, “is a pushback to the days before Roe v Wade.”

img3However, Joffe said she believed – in Bob Dylan’s words – “The Times they are A-Changing.”  She said she senses a resurgence in reproductive rights activism recently, based on the intense, vociferous reaction across the country to the Susan Komen decision, since reversed, in defunding Planned Parenthood, and the national outrage at Rush Limbaugh’s on-air sexual harassment and debasement of a Georgetown law student’s appearance at the all-male, Republican hearing on contraception provisions in the proposed Obama-made Affordable Care Act. “If we win in November,” she said, with mirth, “I’m sending Mr. Limbaugh flowers!” Joffe said she’d send political cartoonist Gary Trudeau flowers too, if the Democrats win the election in November, for entirely different reasons – as thanks and admiration for devoting an entire week of his Doonesbury strip to a parody of the more than radical abortion restrictions recently proposed in Texas.

Joffe concluded that, indeed, “The Times they are A-Changing,” and that an emerging reproductive rights activist movement is gaining increasing momentum  against the so-called “Republican War on Women,” not too different from the  social, political and feminist movements against another type of war, the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Joffe’s optimism and hope resounded well with all the attendees present at the afternoon discussion on reproductive rights.

Additionally, Jacqui Quetal, FNP, co-founder of  Nursing Students for Choice, spoke about her pro-choice grassroots organization among nursing students nationwide and praised Joffe as the img5“most factual, historically credible writer our movement has ever had.” EMA wishes to convey their thanks and appreciation to Florida Atlantic University’s Feminist Student Alliance who co-sponsored the event and were instrumental in its overwhelming success.


Dr. Joffe

Dr. Joffe with Mona Reis, Presidential Women’s Center, and Jacqui Quetal FNP, Co-Founder of Nursing Students for Choice

Dr. Joffe with members of FAU's Feminist Student Alliance

Dr. Joffe with members of FAU’s Feminist Student Alliance