Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973, and since then any woman could have a safe, legal abortion. In 1975, Harriette Glasner organized EMA in West Palm Beach, Florida, which was one of the first keep abortion legal and safeabortion funding agencies. Harriette was deeply involved in women’s access to quality reproductive health care. While working with Planned Parenthood of the Palm Beaches which she also founded, she recognized a more pressing issue facing poor women – limited access to contraceptives and abortion because of their impoverished economic status. Women without money were forced to bear an unwanted child. EMA was founded to help equalize this inequity and is today the only funding source in Palm Beach County that assists women financially with pregnancy termination.

We feel very strongly that every child should be a wanted child and economically impoverished women deserve the same opportunity to control their reproductive lives as more affluent women. EMA is primarily dependent upon donations from individuals such as you to accomplish our mission.

On average we fund about 300 women and girls per year in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. If requested, funds can be earmarked for Florida’s state-mandated ultrasounds, surgical procedures, or travel expenses.

14th Amendment

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